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My mission

Interpreting and Translating go hand in hand strengthening each other. Choosing these professions means to be prepared for a life-long learning. It is not only a job transferring words but also dealing with people at both ends. Conveying the message while understanding the people and getting cultures closer. We must think of cultures and not only words. The same sentence could be translated in several ways correctly depending on the situation, the timing, the participants. Patience and coaching skills could be beneficial to become a highly respected professional.   


Adaptive, flexible, conscientious and responsible. Enthusiastic and quick learner. Able to cooperate as a reliable team member as well as a precise individual.  Focus on contributing as an effective professional bearing in mind the Personal Centered Approach. Handle multi-tasking creatively prioritizing on core essentials and necessities. Find personal and professional development my main concern.


Previous roles, work assignments in several countries with different cultural backgrounds made it possible to gain experience and support my expertise as an Interpreter and Translator. In Hungary, was lucky to complete several translation assignments in different fields. Attending conferences were to boost my skills and obtain updated information in the fields of interpreting and translating. Interpreting at business meetings and conferences meant to complete challenging demands. In the UK, criminal law and medical terminology are mostly applied being requested by the Police, courts and NHS. Quite often also bombarded with requests from the general public to attend local authorities of any kind and translate personal documents. Phone interpreting is an interesting way of acting as an intermediary between the parties to make them understand each other.

In terms of education, has been teaching since 1993. Started my career in Hungarian institutes such as primary schools, secondary schools and also teaching private Students with individual requests focusing on special fields such as business English, foreign trade, preparing for exams at all levels from beginner to advanced (TESOL, ESOL, TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge ESOL, Oxford ESOL).


Engaged in different work environments over the years allowed to familiarize with specific terminology in several fields such as business, marketing, law, education, educational psychology, health, medication, tourism, insurance, economics and many more in between….

Confident working in multilingual environments. Involved in matters both dealing with public and working on corporate cases. Flexible in terms of venues, travelling all over the UK and Hungary.

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