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Teaching English

I offer private lessons for individuals or small groups in a face-to-face setting or remotely depending on the Students’ suitability.

My main concern is teaching the Student, based on the Personal Centered Approach (PCA) rather than stuffing them with the material. PCA means the professional mainly focuses on the Clients personality, requests and aims and tailor-make all their resources to make effective learning happen in a welcoming, friendly and supportive environment.

In this highly developed world, we cannot avoid the freely available resources, hence we apply the method of Blended Learning in the classroom, which means we apply both books, interactive materials and all computer-based activities.

Lessons are extremely communicative making the Students express themselves actively as much as possible. After assessing their wants and needs, i.e. discussing their aim with English and also where the starting point is, we build up a plan together. I welcome anyone from beginner up to professional level. Since we speak only English in the classroom, I am happy to learn with Students of any nationalities. 


Students come mostly with the request to be able to communicate well with their peers, colleagues or want to take an exam. Others need some special skills such as business English, aim to develop their vocabulary and express themselves at a higher register. Hence I developed some projects targeting fields such as business communication and psychology enabling my Students who need to apply English in an office environment and work in one of those caring professions like Teacher Assistants, Carers, Admin Staff, Social Workers and alike.

A session is 90 minutes, and Students leave home with some already comprehended knowledge and equipped with their homejoy in order to give them enough time to practise what they have just learned.


I call it ‘homejoy’ as I do believe that learning comes only as a result of joyful engagement. Once we are able to establish a cheerful and collaborative atmosphere, success will be inevitable.

Eventually, in a nutshell, let me summarize what I have on offer:

  • For Students from any nationality or age group,

  • Individuals or small groups,

  • Face-to-face or remote lessons,

  • Flexible and tailor-made schedule suitable for the needs and wants,

  • General or special English (business or psychology),

  • Preparing for an exam (ESOL, IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, Oxford, PITMAN, etc.)

  • Communication-based lessons with lots of practice material,

  • Study method of Blended Learning with Personal Centered Approach (PCA)

My students said

‘I enjoyed your classes because you matched the exercises to my level of knowledge. The games we did were interesting and I was learning in a playful way and you were always prepared with an additional exercise to the tasks.’ Eva Juhasz Art

‘Even do not recognize that I am in class. I mean I do not need to stress out that I am asked about something I will not know. Time flies. Everything is so relaxed.’ Judit Hajdu

’I enjoyed learning with you because you were teaching as it suited me. It was tailor-made for me. With enthusiasm. You made the lessons interesting. It was never boring.’ Beatrix Balog-Baranyi

’You always tell me something plus in between the tasks, that I learn a lot from. I need these drops of information you share with me. They are like a bonus.’ Aniko Sinka

’I am proud to recommend Edina to whoever wishes to learn English, or needs help with either English-Hungarian translations or interpretations. She’s helped me relentlessly using many creative and useful tactics, and approaches to prepare me for my exams in my biggest need when the service provider school failed to do so. She approaches her students with utmost professionalism while maintaining interactive, funny, and engaging lessons.’ Tamas Barany

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