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Professional Background

National Register of Public Service Interpreters, UK (NRPSI)

Registered member: 16645 (2015 - recent)

ITI Membership, UK
Membership number: 15786 (2009 - 2015)


Certificate in Translation in contract law (2020-2022)
Anglofon Studio, Budapest

Preparing to Teach in Life Long Learning Sector, Level 4 (2014)

Bristol, UK

TEFL Academy (2014)

Brighton-Bristol, UK

Masters Degree: Translator and interpreter in social sciences and economics (2009 – 2011)
Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Social Sciences

Masters Degree: Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (2003 – 2005)
TEFL for adults and children, IFSI, Kecskemét

TEFL with business, Global English (2003)

Exeter, UK


PITMAN (English Exam Centre) Interlocutor (2002) 

Bachelor Degree: Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (1998 - 2001)

ITTDC, ILS, Budapest

Professional Conferences Attended in Hungary

OUP Conference for TEFL, Budapest (2011)

IATEFL Conference, Budapest (2011)

Conference for Translators and Interpreters, Budapest (2011)

Annual Forum for Translatorsand Interpreters, Csillebérc (2011)

Mentoring in education, László Simonfalvi, ILS, Budapest (2011)

Agencies Collaborating with in UK

Aqua Interpreting Group
Alpha Plus
City Legal
Flex Language Services
Global Voices
Instructus Moravia
Language Bank

Language Empire
LanguageLine Solutions (US, UK)
Legal Service Translation
RWS Moravia
The Big Word
UK Language Solutions

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